10 reasons it’s worth it to get your kids great sunglasses

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Got a little sidekick who likes borrowing your sunglasses?

Be sure to encourage that behavior. In fact, it’s worth it to get your kids great sunglasses of their own. Here’s why:

  1. Ever notice how much kids squint in the sun? Sometimes they even get upset on a bright day. That’s because a kid’s eyes allow about 70% more light to reach the retina than an adult’s eyes, putting their retinas at greater risk. Blue eyes are especially sensitive to UV light.
  1. Eyes can get sunburnt without any obvious symptoms. Unlike a sunburn, which itches and may even hurt, prompting you to get out of the sun, sunburned eyes are often painless. Effects of too much sun are cumulative and often not reversible.
  1. Kids are little, and they’re always looking up at you, toward the sky. Especially when they’re really young, they have no sense of the sun’s danger to them, and you might not notice, when they’re begging you to pick them up, that they’re getting big eyefuls of UV rays.


  1. Even if they’re wearing hats, kids’ eyes are susceptible to glare from water, sand, and other reflective surfaces.
  1. In many parts of the world, ozone depletion has increased the level of UV penetration through the earth’s atmosphere; don’t take any chances. In fact, it’s a good idea to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days.


  1. Because they spend so much time outdoors (although this is less the case in the age of computers and other devices), kids receive half a lifetime’s worth of sun exposure before they reach adulthood.
  1. It’s a great habit to start while your kids are young. And if they see you consistently wearing sunglasses, they’ll understand the importance of protecting their eyes. So model that behavior.
  1. They’re affordable. Once upon a time it was expensive to get UV400 protection. Now it’s easily available. And if your kids lose their sunglasses, which they will once in a while, it’s easy to find an affordable replacement. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep a spare pair handy. And don’t give them a hard time if they do lose them—you don’t want them to be so worried about losing their sunglasses that they stop wearing them altogether.


  1. You can find durable styles, especially if they have polycarbonate lenses.
  1. They look super cool. And there are lots to choose from, so let your kids pick out their own styles and strut their stuff.

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