What’s your face shape? Find sunglasses to rock your features

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The beach beckons. You want to get out there in the best possible style and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. You need the perfect shades for the perfect day. But how do you choose the right look?

Start by looking at your facial shape.


This is sometimes tricky to determine on your own. Look carefully at yourself in the mirror. Even squint a bit—like turning yourself into a fuzzy shape instead of that distracting beautiful person you usually see in the mirror. Pay attention to how wide your forehead is compared to your cheeks and jawline. Is one section of your face wider than the others? Or are they about even? How wide are your cheeks?

If you’re still unsure after looking in the mirror, try taking some selfies and looking objectively at the features you see.

And if all else fails, get a friend to help you figure out your facial shape. Then you can go shopping for sunglasses together. Sounds like a win-win!


If your face is longer than it is wide, narrowing slightly at the browline and jaw, you’ve got it made.

Oval faces are the most versatile and can pull off almost any look, from cat-eyes, to retro square, to aviators, to round sunglasses. The only thing to be cautious of is going too narrow, as it can lengthen your face excessively.


Your face is heart-shaped if it’s narrower at the jaw, with a wider browline and forehead.

You look best with classic shapes such as wayfarer and rectangular shades, but you can also get away with rimless sunglasses. Think about minimizing details—delicate is better than chunky. It’s all about complementing your angular features.


Don’t shy away from the idea of having a square face—own it! A square face features a strong jawline that’s about equal to the forehead in width.

The right glasses can add length and softness, or accentuate your strong features. Try complementary shapes such as oval, round, shield-style and aviator.


A round face is narrower at the jawline and forehead and wider at the cheeks.

Round face

It’s a great facial shape for square and cat-eye sunglasses, but be wary of small and round frames (although it’s safe to flirt with round cat-eyes because they feature angular detail). For men, the wayfarer style looks especially cool on a round face, and rimless or half-rimless shades are a great option.


Next up: Finding the right frame and lens colors for your skin tone.

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